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Imagevue X2.8.9

April 8th, 2013By mjau-mjau49 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.9 › A few new features and some fixes.

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Imagevue X2.8.8.2

March 18th, 2013By NickComment (1)

Imagevue X2.8.8.2 › A few maintenance fixes. How to Upgrade → Fix for Upload Resize always being forced New RSS feed parser in Dashboard Fix for TinyMCE insert images dimensions

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Imagevue X2.8.8.1

March 4th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8.1 › A few fixes. How to Upgrade → Fix for ‘Error when loading’ in Flash gallery Fix for HTML Textpages bug introduced in a previous release Fix for contact form on some servers Fix for mobile Google Analytics

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Imagevue X2.8.8

February 7th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8 › Several fixes and lazy loading.

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Imagevue X2.8.7

December 30th, 2012By mjau-mjau10 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.7 › Fixed a few minor issues including progress bar.

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