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Before reporting a bug.

23 Sep 2008, 13:22

Due to cases when people just edit files, copy/move something somewhere or just upload half of everything, please...

Before reporting an issue please make sure:
1. You downloaded latest beta from
2. You uploaded it on server _intact_, without modifications

If you are sure there is a bug:
1. Do a search on forum, its quite rare to really have an issue and most of the time somebody already had it and it been resolved
2. Make a post describing your issue
3. If no resolution been offered and you been asked for admin/ftp login, do the following:

Submitting info:
When you PM please include in your message:

1. Short description of your issue
2. URL to your post describing it
3. Login/password to your imagevue admin
4. FTP login password

About FTP passwords.
Please include a line following this simple scheme:

ftp://user:[email protected]

and check if it works by pasting in browser before sending. Because more than often, people can't copypaste right and we spend days writing back and forth to actually get correct passwords.

This will help to resolve issues quicker -
Thank you.