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Using video in the Imagevue gallery

Using Video in Imagevue

Imagevue supports video files directly in the gallery, and here are a few guidelines you may want to follow to get the most out of videos in your Imagevue gallery.

Video examples

* Videos normally open in a lightbox window, while on mobile they normally open in the native player.

MP4 Video Format

First of all, what video format should you be using? A few years ago this would be a tough question, however today the answer is simple. mp4 is the current web standard for video because of widespread support and features. With the mp4 format, your videos will display in the flash gallery, as well as on most mobile devices from the mobile gallery.

H.264 Codec
Using the mp4 “format” does not necessarily mean using the same “codec”, so what codec should you be using? For your mp4 video, be sure to use the H.264 codec, which is the current industry-standard and supported on most devices.

* iPad/iPhone has native mp4 video support.

Why not FLV?

The flv format used to be the industry-standard video format for the web some time ago, but with the arrival of new mobile devices, things changed. FLV is basically SWF flash video, and as you may know, many mobile devices do not support flash.

* You can still use the flv format, but videos will not display on most mobile devices.

Will the video work on all mobile devices?

If you are using the mp4 format, your videos will display on most mobile devices. There are still a few older smartphones unfortunately that will not support mp4 video.


So what dimensions should you be using for your video? In this day and age with fast internet connections, you can easily choose 720p HD (High-definition). HD videos are nice to watch, and most visitors are able to view 720p video without much delay. Optionally, you might consider 480p SD (Standard-definition) if you want to make sure the videos stream without delay for most visitors. Keep in mind that videos will take a lot of server space and bandwidth, so if your server is slow, or you are somehow limited, you need to take this into consideration.

* 720p normally consists of a 1280 x 720 resolution
* 480p normally consists of a 640 x 480 resolution

Youtube and Vimeo video

Can you display Youtube and Vimeo videos in Imagevue? Yes you can, but obviously you will not be uploading Youtube videos to Imagevue. Instead, you need to add a lightbox link to either the main menu, or to a text page or title/description. For example, from our video demo gallery, you can try to click the “Youtube” and “Vimeo” links in the description.

Go to the lightbox feature page to learn how to open a lightbox link. Scroll down to “Open a video” to find out how to open a Youtube or Vimeo video.

Video on startpage

You may want to use a Youtube- or Vimeo video directly on your startpage? No problemo. First create a new page/folder, set it as “link”, and then add the lightbox code to the link field as in the example below. Thereafter, go to settingssettings.startpath, and set your new link folder as the start page. The video will now open and display on your startpage! Example →

javascript:lightbox('', {iframe:true, innerWidth:'750', innerHeight: '422'})

46 Responses to "Using Video in Imagevue"

  1. It is possible, when you click the thumbnail image, to make start automatically the youtube video?

    • I will be looking into this today, and will find a solution for release shortly in Imagevue X2.8.1 …

      • If you are able, I can put my main site on imagevuex :-)

        • This feature has now been added, and will be available in Imagevue X2.8.1 ready for release within a few days. I will extend the documentation on this page with information about how to set up external video (Youtube, Vimeo etc) on your startpage.

      • 2.8.1. is out, how do you make start youtube videos from thumbnail image?

        • I added the instructions into this post …

          Also, if you downloaded Imagevue X2.8.1 yesterday, you may need to update the SWF again. Somehow, we managed to forget to update to the latest SWF in the 2.8.1 zip. Get the latest imagevue2.swf file here:

        • Sorry, I misread your question. To open a video from thumbnails, first go to admin -> settings -> settings.attributes.image, and check the “link” option. Thereafter, go to, and set “link” as default. Then, navigate to your images in the admin, and you will see a new link field, where you can add a link, including a lightbox link as in the example on this page.

  2. This feature only in 2.8 ? (lightbox)

  3. It’s told that gallery supports video files, but when i’m trying to upload mp4 file, i can’t do that because file browser filters don’t allow to select such type of files. And when i’m upload by ftp, gallery don’t see files. Am I doing something wrong?

    • The upload issue may be related to file-size, or we simply need to look into it. However, uploading by FTP should work. Can you provide login to your admin, and link to the specific folder where you uploaded mp4 files?

  4. Hey, sorry but i really don’t get it. Is it possible to open a Youtbe Video by clicking a gallery thumbnail? I tried to place the javascript code everywhere…

    • Yes it is, you will need to enable the Link attribute in first: and change Thumbnail > Thumbnail > Click to Link:

      Then simply add a link like this (you will need the link though):

      Sample link form the [Embed] field on youtube with additional iframe:true parameter:

      • Hi Nick!

        Thx for your quick reply! So, it works that I can open a website by clicking the thumbnail, that’s really cool! But the javascript link still doesn’t work. When I click on the Javascript-thumbnail nothing happens. Are there any other things i may look at? (I checked all the points you postet per screenshot) my link is like this: javascript:lightbox(‘′,{iframe:true}). Do I may have the wrong imagevue version?

        Thx for your help guys!

        • No, of course not. But I see the commenting system formatted the quotes. It should be single quotes, not the ones you most likely copied from this page.

          • There must be another problem. When I upload a MP4 Video (one of my tube vids / h.264) there is just a orange video thumbnail, and nothing happens when clicking it.

      • But doesn’t that mean ALL clicks on thumbnails now do nothing unless Link URL is set???

        This should be a property/option of ALL images uploaded, not global setting for ALL left click (or all shift left click….)


        • No, clicks on thumbnails only go to the link IF the link is set … If not, it will revert to default behavior and simply open the image file.

          We could have made it an option by default I guess, but essentially we did not want to bloat the admin with fields, so you first need to enable the LINK attribute.

  5. Richard Greenhalgh Posted 4 years ago

    Is there a way of using an alternative ‘external’ player such as the JW Player to play video?

    • Yes, but why would you need that if I may ask?

      • To have more control over how the video plays – particularly the choice of streams/HD switching, size of the window, choice of skins etc.

        • This is possible, although it would require that you are able to edit html and basic php code. After all, you would need to change the code that embeds the default video player, and exchange it with the code for embedding your JW player.

          You would need to edit the file:

  6. James Whitfield Posted 4 years ago

    It would be nice is for mobile devices, or in general, your video should use a lightbox like they do for the html demo, is that possible? Basically, I would like them to have the same interface as the existing nice photogalleries, and don’t see a reason why one would have a area/layout for video and one for pictures. If its a picture, you see it, if its a video, you see a thumbnail and if you click it, it plays the video, etc. Also, I would like to know the price for an unlimited license? Example, say a virtual hosting environment, or multiple mobile device apps (ipad,droid) which may connect to the same server, but nevertheless, the user is not conscious of this. Its their app, so appears to be a different domain in webspeak. Additionally, there sometimes the gallery may be deployed with the app, existing on the device, etc. Thanks.

  7. Hi James … Seems we have a few different questions there?

    We use a lightbox for video in both the flash- and html version. For the mobile version, I think a lightbox would limit the size of the video, and besides … why use a limited player inside a window when iPhone already has the best native video player? It does not make sense to try to substitute the native device video player. Additionally, if one does not use the native player, we would need to use a html5 video player, which would vary in quality across the different platforms.

    You still have thumbnails for both videos and images. When you click them though, they may open different display interface depending on device.

    Unlimited License is 500$.

  8. Hello ,
    I’m new here , and I’ve got serious troubles to find how to import my video in image gallery

    when i create a new folder — then downloading videos —

    too big format –
    and some of from my phone (really shit quality) is still doesn’t work nothing appear in the folder

    I’ve tried different format mP4 M4v Mov – no one is working

    so maybe there is a trick i should know about it because i really need to import my videos
    if some one will be nice to explain me

    thank you

  9. I believe the only problem is, you are trying to upload from the admin interface … Unfortunately, it is likely that your server has a limit to the file-sizes i allows to be uploaded from http. Normally, you would need to login by means of FTP and simply upload your videos MP4 files directly into the folders.

  10. Hello !
    I found a bug on video player. (and On yours oficial galery the same ) The bug is visible only after you enter in full screen mod.
    – Before Full screen mode : (it is ok )
    – On Full screen Mode :
    – After full screen mod :
    I think the problem is in the swf file of video player or , in configurations, however, it would be good to resolve this bug and put an update of Video player for downloading in this article , that we do not have to wait for the next version of Galery.
    Thx !

  11. wojtek siara Posted 4 years ago

    can i use video as a home background ?

    • Only if you create a SWF from the video, and then set the SWF as background. You cannot directly set mp4 file as background …

  12. It´s possible chage the look & feel of the video player?

  13. Is there a way to make video clips downloadable in addition to images? I haven’t been able to figure out a way to enable this… thanks!

    • not in the lightbox module they open in. You could force download directly from the thumbnail though, although that may not be a good idea.

      • How can I “force download directly from the thumbnail”? On every other thumbnail, a right-click shows “Download image” as an option, but “Open” appears to be the only option if the thumb is a video. Sorry if the answer should be obvious! :-)

  14. Hello,

    Firts at all: Great job mjau-mjau!

    I trying imageveux on local server,and i cant get my videos (MP4) playing, in Chrome they still “loading”, on IE or FF they do nothing.

    I can see the videos with WMP or VLC but with imageveux :(

    There is some special settings in x2.8.9?


  15. hello. Can three different video formats, mp4, vimeo, youtube, be placed on a same row next to each other indistinctly?. If not, why is the reason?


    • Yes they can, but its not a very logical setup, because external video services are not really a part of the Imagevue application, which essentially reads local files and outputs them.

      If you were to mix local files with external references like that, the basic procedure would be:

      1. Add your mp4 files to the folder as normal.
      2. Add placeholder images for any external videos, Youtube or Vimeo.
      3. Use the LINK function to create links to the external videos.

  16. can i put u tube vids om mp4?

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