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Settings Page

The Imagevue Control Panel Settings page

Settings Page

The Control Panel Settings page allows you to change a wide variety of settings which ultimately decide how your gallery works

Settings vs. Themes
The Settings page controls all aspects of how your gallery works, except pure visual features which are handled by Themes. Themes control colors, background image and all font styles throughout your gallery.

Editing Settings

Imagevue Control Panel Settings

In the settings page, you will find a tree-structure of all the settings for your Imagevue X2 Gallery. These settings include items like the gallery interface, control panel settings and creation of thumbnails. The settings page covers all settings for your gallery, except those related mainly to the color and style of your gallery, which are stored in themes. You can change any values in the list, and click the save button to make the changes.

  • Settings – These are the main settings for your gallery and control panel
  • Controls – Settings for the various controls in the flash gallery
  • Audioplayer – Settings for the audioplayer in the flash gallery
  • Image – Settings for how to display images- and which interactive items to display along with the images
  • Thumbnails – Settings for creating thumbnails, how to display thumbnails in the flash gallery, and what interactive items to display along with thumbnails
  • Menu – Settings for the main menu in the flash gallery
  • Misc – Various settings for the flash gallery
  • Modules – Settings for some of the modules in the flash gallery
  • Seo – Input fields for the META tags of your gallery webpage

Warning! – For many of you, the immense amount of settings on this page may be confusing – To keep the flexibility of the Imagevue interface, we have had to include all these options. You do not need to use or udnerstand all the settings to use Imagevue.

33 Responses to "Settings Page"

  1. Wim van Oel Posted 5 years ago

    Is it possible to incorporate a closebutton in a textpage and contactmodule to remove them from the screen?
    The closebutton next an image interfere with the frameborder in the rightupper corner of the image; is it possible to place the closebutton more to the right of the frameborder?

    • What do you mean “remove them from screen”? The page behind would be empty then, so what would be the point of this? Not quite sure what you mean about the closebutton next and image … The closebutton is already on the RIGHT of the frameborder … How can it be “more” right?

      • I mean, the closebotton wipes a part of the right upper frame border of the images out, as you can see on my website.

        Wim van Oel.

        • I checked your website, and this is how I see your close button which only appear on event image hover:

          Not quite sure what it “wipes” … It simply attached to the top right border of the frame, and this is where a user would expect to see it. It basically has a white background, and therefore overlaps the shadow of the frame … You just don’t see the background of the button, since your background is white also. You could change the background color of the button in your theme settings …

      • Hi Can you please tell me how I can disable the image-text (0112.jpg) above the picture
        I don’t want the visitors to see the text above the picture

  2. Thank you for your help. I am very happy with Imagevue.

    Wim van Oel.

  3. Hi, can I change the position of the main menu? say I want to make it horizontal above the site or vertical in the middle of the page? Thank you.

  4. ON previous question I’ve found the solution under Theme Setting-Main Menu-Mennubutton Height – this is the initial vertical position. Thank you

  5. Cebotari Ruslan Posted 5 years ago

    Hi Have 2 questions:

    I am building multi level menus:
    1. To open the multi level I have to click on menu. can it be set up to unfold with mouse roll-over?
    2. To collapse the menu has to be clicked, can it be automaticaly collapsed after the mouse is rolling out.

    So to do exactly the same like for first level.
    Thank you

    • 1. Sorry, the menu does not work with rollover currently …

      2. Same with the collapse. However, it already uses mouseover/mouseout to collapse/expand the entire main menu element unless you have turned off “autohide” feature …

  6. on the web page when you right click a small menu appears and on it certain links I’ve been looking for the setting that will allow you to change “gallery software by Imagevue”link. please notify me of a possible way to do this.

  7. I want change the Slidshow-Time in the startfolder, how can i do this?
    With Settings->Image->Slideshow it won’t work.

    Is it possible to do this?


  8. Is there a way to slow down the thumbnails as they scroll across the bottom of the page on mouseover? I see a thumbnail I want to click on, but it “jumps” three or four spaces as I get my mouse down there. I’d like to slow that down so a person can actually get to the thumbnail without having to jump around to find the one they want. The thumbnails move so quickly that I can’t hover over one long enough to see the caption unless I have a VERY steady mouse.

    • Technically, it is not really possible to “slow” down the thumbnail scroller because it simply positions itself proportionally inverted with the mouse position. This means it repositions based on the delta movement of the mouse … The only thing you could do, unless you wish to disable the thumbnailscroller, is go to edit your theme -> thumbnails.thumbnailscroller.start_scale, and try setting it to 25 instead of 50.

      • Thanks. I reset it to 75 and that worked better for me–made the icons larger so it’s easier to “hit” them with the mouse. (By the way, I LOVE Imagevue! It works very well for our needs.)

      • I reset the thumbnailscroller.start-scale to 75, but it’s only working for two of my galleries. The rest are password protected at present and still present the smaller thumbnails. It doesn’t seem to be because of the password protection, because I removed it from one gallery and the thumbnails still show up at the smaller size. Why would this setting only work for only two galleries and not the others if I changed it in the theme settings?

        • To be honest, I am not sure how it works better for you when you increase the size of the thumbnails. The fact is, when you increase the size, the motion is even faster than before …

          Although I did not see your galleries in action of course, Imagevue actually automatically overrides some folders where there are MANY images, and automatically turns down the thumbnail sizes proportional to the amount of images. If images are sized UP when there are hundreds of images, the scroller will move incredibly fast, and make it almost impossible to navigate.

  9. Roberto Tatangelo Posted 4 years ago

    hello. Could you tell me how I can put my logo on top center of the home ?
    Setting page tell only about “Sets a logo above the menu”.

  10. Hi,
    is there a way to get the Menu not overlapping the logo Image in the left Corner, when expanding a Submenu which has some entries? On an normal Display this doesn’t makes trouble, but on an Notebook or an Netbook, the Menu goes up only when by opening one Submenu and you can’t read the Menu-text because of the overlapping logo. It woult help if the logo could be “pinned” to the menu and would go up to, or if the Menu goes up, the logo would disappear.

    On our Site you’ve got to open “Produktgalerie” -> “Kindermode” on an Notebook / Netbook to see the effect.

    Thank you very much

  11. Hello,

    I have a 2 level menu. When I click the 1st level, it displays an image (from that actual folder) and when I click on a subfolder (2nd level), I see thumbnails of all images in the folder.
    I would like to display thumbnails for both 1st (i.e. folders’ thumbnails) and 2nd levels of the menu. Would it be possible?
    Also, I’d like the title/description of the subfolder to appear on the right of each subfolder thumbnail when I click on a 1st level item (i.e. with the same display as in the ‘Manage’ page of the gallery). Is there a way to do it?
    I thought about adding the thumbnails as images in the related folders but I assume they will not be dynamically linking to a subfolder.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and regards.

    • Unfortunately, Imagevue treats all folders as separate folders, so you can’t just join folders together in a single view like that. Not quite sure what you mean about title/description to the right of each subfolder thumbnail … Folder title/descriptions normally display above a list of thumbnails, and cannot be set to display on the right as that would require a different layout scheme …
      You can add thumbnails to the main folder and link them to subfolders, but it requires some custom changes to link them to subfolders.

  12. Where can I find all of the potential choices for settings? As an example, Under Gallery Settings-Image-Slideshow there is a control “End Event”. How can I find the possible choices for that control. Sometimes I may want the slideshow to go to the first image, for example, other times to remain on the last image, or even go to the Start Page.

    I am not well versed in this so I apologize if my question does not make sense.

    Thank you.

    • Sorry, this element is a bit unclear. There is basically two settings: “loop”, which sets the gallery to loop back to first slide, and “url” which allows you to set an internal link at loop event.

  13. Hi, I would like to have the order of my gallery by landscape (frist) and then followed by portrait pictures. What ever I chose at Settings > Settings > Sort files by (Na, Nd …), there is no change in the order the gallery. Thank you.

    • The settings are only for default sorting, but you have likely overwritten sorting on folder level. You can navigate to the specific folder, and set the sorting option directly (see middle top).

      You can also drag-and-drop images into your own sorting, which will set the sorting to “manual”. There is no default sorting method for portrait/landscape …

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