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New Themes

The powerful new themes of Imagevue X2.8

New Themes Guide

We launched a batch of beautiful new themes with Imagevue X2.8, which include improved designs and better performance. Each theme comes with a selection of cool backgrounds to choose from, as well as optional color stylesheets for a nice contrast.

Color version →Carbonizer

Color version →Illuminati

Color version →Lucido

Color version →Lucida


The new themes have backgrounds based on a combined effect of a repeating background image, and an overlaying transparent radial gradient. For each theme, you can choose from a range of different background patterns.

View dark theme backgrounds (carbonizer + lucido)

View light theme backgrounds (illumniati + lucida)

To change your theme background, you will need to edit your theme, and then go to style.background_image.url, and choose a background from the drop-down menu.

Radial Gradient

Radial Gradient

To create a nice stage effect, there is by default a transparent radial gradient that overlays the pattern background image. If you want to remove the radial gradient and only display the pattern background, you can go to edit themestyle.background_image2.enabled, and disable it. If you for some reason want to edit the radial gradient, you can create your own, or download the radial.fla and edit it in Adobe Flash. You will need to export as a swf file, and upload into your theme folder.

Color Stylesheet

Color CSS stylesheet

The default theme stylesheets are relatively subtle, so if you want a stronger color contrast, you can activate the color.css stylesheet. Edit your theme, go to style.stylesheet, and select the color.css in the drop-down menu. Furthermore, you can edit the theme stylesheets by navigating to your theme from the admin, and choosing Edit Stylesheet.

Carbonizer ColorIlluminati Color


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