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Load Imagevue into Flash

How to load Imagevue X2 into another Flash

Load Imagevue X2 into Flash

The answer is yes, although we don’t normally recommend this because there may be a range of complications. However, if are able to work with these limitations, there is no reason why Imagevue X2 should not work nicely within your flash porject. Because Imagevue is a full-screen scaling flash application, it will use the full stage area made to its availability, and the same applies even if you are embedding it into your custom flash. Below are a few guidelines you should be aware of before you think about integrating Imagevue into your Flash project:

  • Imagevue X2 will take your entire stage area, which in most cases means it will overlay your current flash when loaded
  • Imagevue X2 should be loaded into a movieClip in the coordinates x:0 y:0, because Imagevue uses the width/height of the stage to position elements and images. Failure to do this may lead to offset of the entire gallery, and several inconsistencies.
  • If you are using a stage size that scales with browser, you should set “noScale” and “TL” alignment to your flash as in the example code below. This is the base that Imagevue works with, and if you are using a different scale- or alignment method, this will cause inconsistencies.
  • Imagevue X2 is currently AS2.0, so your project should be AS2.0 also. We hope to release AS3.0 version in the future

Example Code:

Stage.scale = "noScale";
Stage.align = "TL"

loadMovie("{path}/imagevue2.swf", movieClip)

5 Responses to "Load Imagevue X2 into Flash"

  1. Duraid Omar Posted 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using your gallery software from a web site and very pleased with the result.

    My question is can I use/install it on my laptop hard disk and then use it as a picture gallery for family photos.



    • Unfortunately, this is not possible as it would require you to run a PHP server locally, and it would still run in the browser. If you do not know how to do this, then it is not recommended.

  2. Hi! Don’t know if it’s the right position in doc but,

    is it possible to integrate gigapan pictures into imagevuex ??? It would be flash into imagevuex!


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