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Disable Image Downloads

How to prevent visitors from downloading Images in your Gallery

Disable Image Downloads

There are a few steps you can take to make it difficult for visitors to download images.

  • Disable html gallery: Settings › Settings › [_] Enable HTML should be checked off
  • Disable SWFAdress: Settings › Settings › [_] useswfaddress should be checked off
  • Disable Download on rightclick: Controls › Rightclick – download should be deselected (use Ctrl-Click)
  • Disable Send link: Controls › Maincontrols and Rightclick – in both select fields.
  • Repeat 3 and 4 and turn off Copylink in: Image › Image › Imagebuttons

Important! By following the instructions above, visitors will not be able to download your images directly from the gallery, or easily find the path to your files. However, this does not make your images inaccessible – They are still loaded into browser, and any skilled computer-person will be able to find out the path to the images that are loaded. The only true protection for your images is by using a password for your gallery, or by watermarking your photos.

6 Responses to "Disable Image Downloads"

  1. Bert Egelmeers Posted 5 years ago

    Dear Nick,

    I have been searching the forums for an answer to the next question(s), without too much succes unfortunately. Most probably you will be able to help me out:

    1). I have a number of folders, some password protected others not.
    I would like to set a parameter to non-password protected folders such that pictures cannot be downloaded, whereas for the password protected pictures visitors should be able to download them. Do I need to add this to the dedicated folder parameter field and if so what should I add?
    2). I found out that I am able to create a link between a scaled down version, the one that visitors see on the screen and a high resolution version, the one that visitors should be able to download. When I press download, however, the file isn’t downloaded. All I see is that I can select the folder where to save the file, but after pressing ENTER, the file has not been downloaded. Any clue what this could be? When I use the “buy” button a new window pops-up and using the SAVE button (right-mouse click) I can strore the file in the intended directory. This, however, is not what I want of course.

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Dear Bert,

      1) If you want to apply different settings, you are correct in assuming that you would have to apply these settings separately for each folder. Set your default settings in your main settings under admin, and then for folders that you want to act differently, you need to apply the settings as folder-parameters. Read more:

      There are however a few items mentioned in this documentation page that are not related to folders, and apply as global settings. For example enable/disable html is obviously a global setting that can not be set per folder …

      2) I don’t know why the image is not downloading. Perhaps you have a link to your gallery?

  2. Stefan Koerner Posted 5 years ago

    I have a question:
    i got the last version with licence, did all steps to disable image download, also disabled HTML, but when i do right click on the image and make “open in pop up” i get a HTML popup in which i can do the browsers right click “save picture”.

    What do i need to do to get the pop up just in flash that the browsers right click “save picture” is not working?


    • Go to admin -> settings -> controls.rightclick.controls … Simply uncheck the items you don’t want, including “popup” …

      • Stefan Koerner Posted 5 years ago

        Ok, thanks, that helped to help not the Pop Up. I was expecting something like you can open a pop up but the image would be displayed inside a flash-windows (when you disabled HTML), so visitors can open up images in a bigger 2nd windows but still not use the right click “save as”-option of the browsers.
        Maybe this is something you can consider for a future version.

  3. Sure, but in the end of the day, its just a workaround. Like I just wrote in an e-mail response to someone:

    # Ultimately, no there is no way to fully protect your images from being downloaded. Not from Imagevue, and not from ANY web gallery. Why? Because any time some visitor views a photo on the internet, and no matter what gallery/software, it will always load into their cache and an experienced user will always be able to locate the image somehow simply because it exists.

    # In Imagevue, you can turn off certain functionality simply to make it difficult for anyone to access an image from the interface. However, as mentioned above, it is not possible to 100% prevent it …

    The only 100% effective ways to prevent people to get hold of your images are: A) Watermark them so they are unusable, or B) Add to password-protected folder.

    In the end of the day, you are adding your photos to the internet, and that is the same as making them public available in this day and age. Keep in mind, when you put images online, you are using low resolution normally, so you are not providing high-res photos in any case …

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