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Control Panel

Use the X2 Admin Panel to Mangage your Gallery

X2 Control Panel

Control Panel

With the Imagevue X2 admin panel, you are provided total management of your gallery. You can create folders and upload files seamlessly from the management page, while this is possible also by FTP. The admin controlpanel allows you to edit titles, descriptions, create textpages, change sorting, rename, delete, hide, move, copy and set preview images. Moreover, you can change- and edit your themes, manage the main settings and change- or edit the languages.

Username: guest / Password: guest
*You will not be able to save changes with the guest login

Login Page

Imagevue admin control panel login

The first page you see upon entering the Imagevue X2 admin, is the login page. You will be required to enter your username and password to be able to access the admin controlpanel. If you are accessing your admin controlpanel for the first time, the username and password will be admin/admin. You will be prompted to change the password immediately after login.

Admin Menu

After logging in, you will notice a menu bar at the top of the screen. Rolling mouse over the + icon at top left, will display a shortcut menu directly to all the folders in your content.

[+] – Displays a shortcut menu to all folders in your content.
Manage – Allows you to manage all files and folders in your gallery
Settings – This section allows you to change global settings for the gallery
Themes – Allows you to edit themes and change how the gallery looks
Users – Allows you to change password or create additional users
Languages – Allows you to edit the gallery language for the interface
Diagnostics – Displays diagnostic information about your server
Clear Cache – Use this to publish our gallery

On the top right side of the admin menu, you may find warnings related to your gallery. These warnings notify about modules that seem to be missing from your server, or other possible problems. Missing modules can be fatal to some actions, while sometimes they only mean you can’t do a certain actions. If this area is empty, you should not have any problems. Below the warning area, you will find a few minor buttons:

Flash – link to your current Flash Imagevue X2 gallery
HTML – link to your current HTML gallery
Logout – logs user out of admin control panel

Manage Section

Imagevue admin control panel Manage Gallery

The manage section is where you manage your files and folders. Initially, when clicking a the “Manage” tab, you will see the root folders within your content folder. Clicking a folder with files inside, will display a list of thumbnails representing files in that folder. Clicking a thumbnail will take you to the manage page for your selected file.

Imagevue admin control panel Manage Gallery Image

To the right of the screen, there are several panels with controls that allow you to edit the content you are currently viewing. When you are in a folder, you will have options to edit the folder. If you are viewing an image, you will have options to edit the image.

Imagevue admin control panel Manage Gallery Panels

Settings Section

The settings section allows you to control all global settings for the Flash gallery, html gallery and admin. For example, you choose the language, how thumbnails are created, and all interactive layout options in the gallery. The only settings you don’t find here, are the ones that are stored in the specific themes, like colors and fonts.

Themes Section

The themes section allows you to choose a theme to use with your gallery, or edit a theme. A theme consists of a group of settings related to the color and style of your gallery. A theme also includes a stylesheet.css file to define the formatting of all the text in the gallery.

Users Section

The user section allows you to change the password for your admin. Additionally, it allows you to create additional admin users to manage the gallery. You can create ‘restricted users’ that only have access to specific folders and/or subfolders.

Languages Section

Imagevue admin control panel Languages

The languages page, allows you to view all the different language templates for the Gallery. You can also edit any of the languages or create a new one.

Diagnostics Section

Imagevue admin control panel Diagnostics

The diagnostics page creates an overview of the file- and folder permissions in your gallery, and also warns about any missing modules either in PHP or Apache. You do not need to use this section, but it will help diagnose possible errors in your gallery.

9 Responses to "Control Panel"

  1. how do i set the default image (when i view the site, the first image that will appear)?

  2. The first image is related to your STARTPATH folder, which is set under admin -> settings. Navigate to your start folder, and from there set it to “use as [filemod]”. You can now choose any filemod as outlined here:

    You will need at least 1 image in this folder to use any of the filemods of course.

  3. I can show only the address of my site?

  4. Hi,

    I just upgraded from Imagevue X1 (I believe) to your very latest version.

    When trying to go to my admin page it doesn’t work my address.

    My old admin addres used to be

    Do I get a new one with the newer version?

    Best regards and thanks for your help,
    Ignacio Romero Naves

  5. Michael Northcutt Posted 5 years ago

    Unable to change password after logging in as admin. When clicking to change, takes me to a 404 page

  6. i deleted the all the text from my contact page, which had the link used to access my admin panel, now i dont know how to get in
    help please

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