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How to authorize Imagevue

Imagevue Authorization

With the latest release of Imagevue, we have added an authorization system which basically requires you to authorize your gallery with your Imagevue order ID.

If you do not have an Imagevue orderID, you will need to purchase a license

How do I authorize my gallery?

  • Go to your Imagevue admin, and click the Authorization tab ›
  • Your domain should be added automatically, so you can skip this field
  • Input your Imagevue order ID
  • Input your registered e-mail address
  • Click the send button

If your data is correct, your gallery should now be authorized and the authorization tab in your admin should disappear!

What happens if I don’t authorize my gallery?

Authorization Link

If you don’t authorize your gallery, nothing bad will happen except a reminder (also known as “nag”) will display at the top of your gallery.

Why is there an authentication system?

We are using the authentication system to prevent warez and other unauthorized usage of Imagevue. Ultimately this provides better value for licensed users.

I have multiple domains running Imagevue. Will this be a problem?

No. You can authorize multiple domains with the same License ID. You can even pre-authorize domains by going to We do however recommend that you follow the Imagevue license structure.

What is

When running your gallery, you may notice sometimes in your browser status bar that there is a call for This is basically the authorization check.

41 Responses to "Imagevue Authorization"

  1. I am trying to authorise version 2.7 and when I go to the authorise screen and input order IUd and password I get : Your order id or email is not correct.

    I am able to log onto your site with the same ID and password so I am at a loss on this message.

    • As in the form (and the screenshot above), the authorization requires orderID + e-mail (not password). Also make sure to use the e-mail that is associated with your ID.

  2. Enrico Damini Posted 5 years ago

    I have authorized my domain with idorder and email, but the tab not disapear and every login ask me to reauthorize, when I retype the information this is the message:
    This domain xxxx is already authorized.

    • Did you authorize with the same e-mail as you used to order? Can you send me a link to your gallery from the contact page /contact/ so that I can check it? Please also include link and login to your admin …

  3. The server from which i host Imagevue has a dynamic dns/hostname. Its ip address doesn’t change that often but i experiment with Dynamic DNS-services like no-ip, dyndns, Free DNS and thus play with different/multiple hostnames for the site.

    Will this cause any problems when authorizing?

    Also, you say there’s a reminder/nag when not authorizing your site, this to prevent unauthorized use for warez etc. But i honestly believe there’s more to/behind it.

    Does the script call home with information about the server/site its running from, including the status of (a pending) authorization?

    Kind Regards and love your work,
    Christiaan (a satisfied customer)

    • I forgot to mention a(nother) reason why i use multiple hostnames: virtual-hosts (server-feature).

      • We don’t have anything against multiple hostnames. The only thing is, you may need to authorize each and every hostname you use … This is not a problem, especially since its technically the same gallery location.

    • Yes, it may create problems if you don’t use a static domain/IP, or if it keeps on changing. Sorry, but is this a public gallery? Then why would you want it on an address that keeps changing anyway?

      Reminder/nag, yes. You honestly believe there is more behind it? Yes, it calls home to check authorization, nothing else. What interest would we have in server information or anything else? None. We only check for auth, its that simple.

      • Hello :-)

        Yes its a public gallery, but the website i’m hosting it on is in an endless ‘under construction’ phase. This also explains the use of multiple domains. Always experimenting and looking for a better name. Therefor i’m also not considering a real domain, as there basically is no sufficient/nor interesting content for world-wide visitors.

        Oh btw: I’m currently staying at my girlfriend who lives in another country. But its not even worth it to host from here, since her isp blocks all ‘incoming’ traffic for the first 1024 ports.

        Kind regards and thanks for the answers!

        – Christiaan

  4. Hello,

    I don’t found the Authorization tab, when I’m going to my Imagevue admin ! Is that normal ??!
    Thanks for your reply.

    • You sure you did not already authorize? You can always find the “authorize” link at the bottom of your admin in the footer. Optionally, you can authorize here:

      The only other option, is that you have a version of Imagevue that pre-dates authorization …

  5. i have a probleme to authorize my website, plz can i have some help, i put the Id order mly email but its dosent work


  6. helooo

    I am trying to authorise my web site and when I go to the authorise screen and input order IUd and my email I get : Your order id or email is not correct.
    and when i connecte in imagevuex the id and password is correcte

    Plz Anyone can help me ?

    Thank u

  7. Hello,

    I have bougth consecutive license and uploaded it to server to subdomain. I have authorized the xyz.tld domain but the authorize tab does not disappear (even though when Imagevue reports the xyz.tld domain has already been authorized).

    Shall I authorize the subdomain also?

    Thank you.

  8. The authorize tab does not disappear from admin, or from the actual gallery page? I might need to see the actual domain and have your orderID to check this.

    In general, you may need to authorize subdomains separately from main domains however.

  9. David Lehner Posted 5 years ago

    I have just upgraded to latest version and i can see no authorization tab in administration. What can I do? domain

    Thanks a lot

    David Lehner

  10. Hi,

    I authorised my site, got the confirmation and went back to view the site. The nag was still present, so I went back to the authorise screen and sent the info again. Got confirmation saying it was already authorized. So why I do I still see the nag, is it not ‘instant’?



  11. Hello , I wake up this morning with the watermark on my page ,
    and as you ask i try to find the email and the id , but i don’t have it
    i just remember a page after my payment with a username and a password who helped me to dowload the soft , but i checked in my email nothing ..

    i really need to take off this thing

    thank you for your help

  12. Hi, I just want to trasfer my Gallery to a sub domain.. from to, do I have to re-authorize just that i want to transfer only. Not running both gallery with the same Order ID…fyi, I am using a developer license.Thanks..

    • Yes you will have to re-authorize the sub-domain since we treat them as separate domains in authorization system.

  13. in how many sub domains I can install the gallery..?

    • As many as you like, as long as its the same primary domain, and as long as you are not reselling it as a premium service.

  14. This might be a very stupid question, but I can’t fine any “Authorization tab” in my version x2.8. Hence I can’t get rid of this message at the top.

  15. Hi Im trying to authorize my commercial license, I tried using the autothorization form in the admin panel and here too and I got the same “Sorry, your Order ID or Email is not correct” Message. Im sure Im using the correct Order ID. Please help. Regards

  16. Hey,
    I am still looking for the authorisation tab under iv-admin but can’t see it, am I blind?

    • Your domain is already authorized so the tab hides itself. You can use the link in the footer.

  17. Rene Richter Posted 3 years ago

    Hi, I’ve tried to authorize my domain but the ‘Authorize’ link don’t disappear. The system says ‘This domain xxx is already authorized’ – but the link is still there. What’s wrong? Can yo help me?

  18. Hello,

    It seems that your auth portal is down… the request to
    gives :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function setErrorHandler() on a non-object in /nfs/c04/h02/mnt/58451/domains/ on line 65

    How can i fix this ? I cannot access to my album anymore :-(

    • The auth is up again now. It would not affect your gallery if it is down though, and you can certainly still access your albums.

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